Upper body + Abs HOME Resistance training

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Trainer : Laiba Zaid

Category : Fitness

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Available from : Monday, 29th February 2016

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You guys asked for an upper body and abs challenge, so here it is! What you will need: "flat stretch bands" please get the ones that are one long band rather then it being connected Picture of what i'm talking about: http://bit.ly/1Qr1kCQ LINK: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/gofit/power-flat-band-set.html (THE ONES I HAVE) (any will work, as long as they are the ones i mentioned, you do not have to get all 3 resistance levels, but it would be nice to have them as you proress in strength) Who is is for: ANYONE, especially beginners! What you will be getting: 5 workouts a week (3 resistance workouts + 2 cardio days) - you will be getting demonstration videos of each workout (you will watch me and workout with me) - the cardio days will be 30-40 minute long circuit videos where you will follow exactly what I do for the entire workout

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Heya- first comment, woohoo! Well, I'm trying another $10 course with Laiba, in hopes that I don't get "too busy" or give up the program. Let's hear from others! Let's create a support system, folks!


Looking forward to this! Just ordered the resistant bands hopefully I get good results!

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