6 Week Gym Program

$20 USD

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Trainer : Laiba Zaid

Category : Fitness

You will get access for : 60 Days

Available from : Monday, 13th June 2016

Refund Within: 1 Day

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What it includes:


Daily workouts according to muscle group (back, chest, tricep, bicep, legs) as well as cardio!


- You must have a gym membership for this (apartment gym will not be good enough)


- Nutritional guidance as well as meals that I eat myself (I am not a nutritionist so I am unable to tell you guys exactly what to eat)


- Every week I will uploading a talk through video on a topic most requested by you guys (i.e why weighing yourself is not a good measurement of progress, in depth form on a particular lift etc, what ever you guys want)


- Demonstration videos of every single movement will be given as well as a written out schedule for you to save in your phone for quick access!



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where can I find the videos and outline


"my courses" in your dashboard hun!


Can I also use the elliptical for cardio?

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