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Trainer : Laiba Zaid

Category : Fitness

You will get access for : 40 Days

Available from : Wednesday, 1st May 2019

Refund Within: 1 Day

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100 % Available


*these will be all NEW workouts and new meal plans with it*

Join from any country in the world. You will get access 24/7 and all the exercises can be done from home, no gym required!

All you need is a skipping rope.

MAY 1- MAY 30 (you get 10 additional days after the 30th)

FOR RAMADAN: workouts will be modified for you guys to be less intense. I will also be provided recipes and detailed meals that I eat during this time for sehri and iftaar! Along with everyone else, I can also help you figure out how many calories are needed etc for the month!

- Join from ANY COUNTRY (it's all done online)

-Access to content 24/7

What you get:
-30-40 min full length videos where you follow exactly what I am doing (HIIT, body weight exercises) focusing on total body fat loss!

-You only need a skipping rope

- Nutritional guidance, meal examples, grocery list and recipes will be provided

NEW workouts than past challenges

- Pay through PayPal or credit card (click the stripe option for credit card)

-Documents and videos will be posted on MAY 1st onto the website

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through what email do me contact you if we need help figuring out how many calories we need for the month


All ready to work out and the video isn't even up lol

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