FEB 8 - 8 Week Winter Program

$30 USD

    8 Reviews

Trainer : Laiba Zaid

Category : Fitness

You will get access for : 65 Days

Available from : Monday, 8th February 2016

Refund Within: No Refund

Seat Availability

97 % Available


This program will require full access to a gym! What it includes: - 8 week training program that outline what workouts to do each day including demonstration videos of each exercise - One on one communication between myself and you whenever you need anything throughout the 8 weeks - Nutritional guidance (not a full meal plan, but examples of what to eat and how to achieve your diet goals) - This is good for both people who want to lose fat AND people who want to bulk up (all we have to do is change the way you eat!)

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Comments and Reviews


I didn't know you were doing the one month fat loss one, that's more of what I was looking for. I've emailed you twice but got no response. I joined the 8 wk program but Id rather do this one If I can


Can't wait to start !

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